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Remarkable yachting in Croatia

Every person loves to visit the most famous tourist places in holidays. My friends and I have planned to visit Croatia through an ideal yacht chartering and enjoy our holidays unforgettably.  As we have planned, we have chosen the most reputable yacht charter and arrived in Rovinj.

We enjoyed stunning elements of cruising area out of harm’s way. This city has private accommodation, hotels, camp spots and resorts. We visited Hotel Lone and stayed overnight without comprising our budget for accommodation. We had the most delicious and healthy breakfast and begun our step to explore this city.

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The world-class resorts

Rovinj has more than a few renowned resorts of the world-class accommodation facilities in our time. Almost every tourist in this city takes pleasure in the best resort and hotel experiences. We took pleasure in the best in class accommodation and the customized services from the leading charter company in Croatia.

Many resorts in this city have attention grabbing facilities that encourage budding tourists to book the yachts in the right resort.  Beachside resorts in the shade of pine trees are the best choices for those who have an idea to enjoy sightseeing comfortably. My friends and I stayed in two yachts namely Eden Hotel Rovinj and Resort Amarin for our convenience and sightseeing plan. Here you can find a charter offer for Croatia.

Sailing in Croatia

Red roofed houses and beaches  

Rovinj is known for red roofed houses in this city. Many residents in this city are willing to maintain the red roofed homes through a wide variety of professional techniques. They preserve so many antique things and make tourists to this city happier than ever.  They experience Mediterranean climate and enhance their everyday lifestyle.

Everyone in our team loves to swim and play games in the beachside.  We visited the Rovinj beach and engage in different games interestingly. We had the nice tourism experiences in this beach because the vast coast. We were surprised to play in the clean and well attended beach here. The best in class beaches in this city encouraged us and enjoy our free time after sightseeing.


Different places to visit

Pastel-coloured houses of Venetian-era ring a scenic fishing harbour. Residents in this Venetian-era seaside town welcome tourists who love to be aware of history and cultural things associated with this city nowadays. They are healthy because they are very conscious on their diet plan. They prefer healthy foods and lifestyle. We were happy to taste a wide variety of tasty recipes and traditional meals in leading restaurants of this city.

We were visited Old Town, Church of the Holy Trinity, Punta Corrente, Port of Rovinj, Riva, Saint Euphemia Cathedral, Main Street, Brijuni Islands, Katarina Island, Town Clock, Balbi Arch, Fountain on Main Square, Monkodonja Hill Fort, Mulini Beach, Heritage Museum, and Rovinj Aquarium.

Once we entered Rovinj Aquarium, we were stunned because attention grabbing species in this famous aquarium. We bought some special gifts from renowned gift shops in this town. We did not fail to enjoy our nightlife in the bars and clubs of Rovinj. We took pleasure in more than a few fishing charters.