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The must see tourist destinations of Croatia

In our very first day, we have traveled to Hvar. It is a very popular city in the Croatia for tourism and it is the most recommended destination for the foreigners. The natives of that region are able to many international languages apart from their mother tongue. Croatia (Croatian). We were enjoying the energetic nightlife, photography and various spots there. This...

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Our unforgettable sailing experience in Croatia

Every year, we have been planning for the best holiday vacation to enjoy with the entire family. Last year, we have selected a yachting vacation in the beautiful Croatia which is a perfect and wonderful sailing destination. It is a real Mediterranean paradise because of the crystal clear ocean with over the thousands of islands. My dad collected such information...

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Sailing in Greece– An ultimate sailing destination to visit

During our last vacation, we took an opportunity to visit the Greece, but so many people tried and never got the chance to visit till now. We are lucky to get a chance to visit that amazing place. Actually, we booked the sailing trip ourselves and planned to spend the whole vacation in that place. Our dreams came true and got an unforgettable memorable experience in...

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Moin, Moin

seit 2008 betreuen wir in unserer Agentur Models vom Profi bis hin zu talentierten Anfängern. Wir vermitteln Models für Film,- Fernseh- und Musikproduktionen, Werbeagenturen, Messen, Events, Fotografen und viele weitere Kunden. Zusätzlich führen wir gezielte Castingverfahren für unsere Kunden durch. Durch unsere langjährige Erfahrung im Eventmanagement gestalten wir...

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